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Morlaix, only a quarter of an hour from the campsite.

At only 15 km, about 15 minutes by car from the camping Mer et Yourtes en Finistère, holiday village by the sea is the magnificent Breton town of Morlaix.

Leaving your campsite near Morlaix turn right onto the D58 towards Morlaix.

Numerous car parks are provided either in the town centre or on the outskirts, particularly near the port, to welcome visitors who discover the tourism in Finistère through its inland towns.

Tourism in Morlaix

At the bottom of an estuary bearing his name, the Bay of Morlaix offers travellers a magnificent discovery in this city steeped in history. It is one of the most beautiful bays in France.

Begin your journey with the visit of the Old Morlaix, when you arrive on the Allende square, you can admire the house called Duchess Anne’s house, a magnificent corbelled building with 3 floors built in the 15th century., It is part of the two Morlaisian houses called Maisons à Pondalez that you can visit. Continuing towards the rue Haute, take the stairs to climb up to the square of the castle, which offers a beautiful view of the town and the Viaduct of Morlaix. Then take the Grand’rue, reserved for pedestrians to benefit from the beauty of the houses and venelles de Morlaix. Then go down to the harbour to enjoy the warm atmosphere.

Make a detour to the maison Penanault which today houses the tourist office, La Maison Penanault is a splendid urban mansion from the end of the 16th century. Here you can find more information about the history of the city and especially the motto of the city “if they bite you, bite them!”

When you are at the port, you will see the impressive Morlaix Viaduct with two levels and 14 arches, have fun counting them with the children! 58 metres high and 285 metres long, it is still used today by trains to cross the valley, it connects Plouigneau to the station of Morlaix located on the heights of the city. The first floor can be accessed by pedestrians via the Venelle de la Roche. After this pretty Stroll in Morlaix, Go back to your yurt a little further north and get closer to the sea to recharge your batteries at the camping near Morlaix, Sea and yurts.

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Top 5 things to do in Morlaix

  • House visits in Pondalez
  • Vieux Morlaix in a little train
  • Stream in the marina
  • The Viaduct, a magnificent architectural gem, is an architectural jewel
  • The Penanault House

Our campsite in Morlaix

Fancy another idea for an outing, then why not go to Morlaix, only 15 min from your unusual accommodation, the yurt of the campsite Morlaix, Mer et yourtes in Plouénan.

Inland in North Brittany, the characterful city of Morlaix, Finistere city opens up to you for magnificent discoveries of the art and history of Brittany. Only 15 km away, you will be delighted to stay at our campsite near Morlaix, to visit this beautiful region. Don’t hesitate to book your holidays by the sea between Morlaix and Roscoff at Mer et Yourtes.

Visit Roscoff and the area from the campsite.